Mail saving procedure is complicated

I get bulk mails and I find it difficult to save it in the folder since if the folder exists in the history then there are no issues otherwise I should save it in the desktop and then open up and save it on the required folder.It is cumbersome any solutions.Thank you Narayanan lakshmanan India

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Hi Narayanan,

If I am not wrong, you want your mails to be stored in local drives. For easy access you need a copy of your emails in the desktop itself?

@nunaat - Lets try to solve problems without always pointing to your product OK ;-}

You appear to have posted quite a few answers to fake users you created to push your product.

Sorry Dan

But I was trying to genuinely help a few sufferers with something I have used.

Its only that I have been helped by the tool and therefore I tried only on the problems that I have suffered myself.

I will regard your words for the future, though.

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