Camera wont turn on and battery heats up.


So after a long break i had taken out my canon 1100d for my friend's party.After taking some 100 shots the camera's screen went black after a shot,the only sign of life was a red indicator light which stayed on even when i turned off the camera.

Leaving it there i came back to it after some time and tried to turn on but to no avail.Then i took the battery out and reinstalled it and tried to turn it on but the camera didn't.

So i left the battery in it and turned it off and when i reached home found out that the battery was getting really hot even with switch turned off.

When i charge the battery it shows charged after sometime and if a restart the charger it goes back to showing charging.

All in all the camera wont turn on and when the battery is left in the camera with the switch in the off position the battery gets heated.

Please hep me out!

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