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Laptops manufactured by Dynabook (formerly Toshiba). Toshiba has since transferred 100% ownership of the laptop business to Sharp.

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How to remove bios password

my laptop toshiba satellite pro l450d 12x ..

i forgot the passward , how to reset it..

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Please tell us more. Is the password to the laptop or to an account the operating system?

Yes. On the lock screen tried deleting both launchers and started all over but passc OK de is still locked

ESC Key BIOS Password removing procedure

1. Starting with the computer fully off, turn it on by pressing and releasing the power button. Immediately and repeatedly tap the Esc key. The computer will display the "Password = " prompt.

2. Enter the correct password, and press the Enter key. The computer will display "Valid password entered, system is now starting up. Check system. Then press (F1) key"

3. Press the F1 key. The BIOS setup program will appear.

4. Using the arrow keys or the tab key, move to the password field, and highlight REGISTERED.

5. Press the spacebar, enter the correct password, and press the Enter key. The Password field will change to NOT REGISTERED.

Source: https://www.iseepassword.com/forgot-bios...

My laptop TOSHIBA Satellite L730 forget password BIOS

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Here is a link to an article that may help you. Make sure you save the password if you reset it.

Good luck


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This doesn't work .

The password is on computer not on window

I don't understand--the link is for resetting the bios on the computer--not the operating system.

rj713 the laptop is locked up by a password. This person can not get beyond the password screen. They are not trying to get to the BIOS. "They want to own the box." That is what I was trying to clarify with my question in the comment section, of their question. I have no solutions for what they want the manufacturers keep coming up with new ways of making sure that who owns the laptop is not compromised. SAM inside works for the operating system.

I hope he has a dealer nearby in that case. I was going by his statement that he wanted to remove the bios password.

Yep, he needs an "Authorized Service Dealer" for that since Toshiba does not even like to give any of the reset codes over the phone.

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Things are not that simple. removing the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS may have worked in some old laptops. But not in any later or current model Toshiba Satellites. And looking for a jumper that is labelled 'reset'or whatever is waste time, is not a PC. And SATA lock.??.. we can just ignore that. If that was the case we could get to the BIOS, of course. Before it even looks at the HDisk. Roger Davies solution is the only one I have heard of working. He neglected to tell you though , there is a chance you can fry the board if not done correctly. His L-series does still have some MBoard labels. I believe there is an actual location ID for that short out solution on the L-series MBoard. Search on Google, you will find the solution. I have an R50 and the MBoard has no labels or location IDs. And no known solutions, that im aware of.

So if anyone can tell me how to reset the BIOS lock on an Satellite R50 ? I would greatly appreciate it.

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the 'so-called' technician at technibble and many others that purport to be knowledgeable on power-on-passwords do not understand that to use any power-on-password killer, u have to gain access to the power-on-password creator, which means any cracker in windows.

a. is not going to work coz the password is written to a chip on the motherboard, and

b. the power-on-password comes up b4 anything, so u can't even get into get ito windows.

c. wiping the bios via the cmos battery will not work, although, it did work once for me on an hp but i had to do it in very specific way, the same method wouldn't work with a sony vaio.

so u need a dedicated piece of software to reprogram the eeprom chip, this is an electrically erasable progammable read only only memory chip that usually only the original manufacturer will be able to give u the code.

although there some guys out there that have learned how to do it but it is not a free service, i know this is not going to help u solve ur problem but hope it helps u understand what has to be done.

u will also have to prove ownership of ur laptop, which is not so easy to do, unless u r the original owner.



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jejeje a mi me paso eso y solo llame a la toshiba y me dijeron que tenia que llevarla al centro de servicio autorizado y que esto tenia que pagarlo yo osea no lo cubre la garantia por que eso es un pass que tu pusistes y solo me costaba 25 dolares aca en puerto rico y saben que trate con todo y nada y al cabo de 3 meses intentando acordarme el pass en una me ti uno que yo creia era y fuaaaaaa ese mismo era y lo quite y no lo pongo mas amenos que sea necesario y apuntala en unsitio seguro

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Easy job, just removed the bios password on my toshiba satellite L450d-12x, to do so remove Ram cover and Ram modules, then carefully remove label from motherboard underneath where the ram was, there is a 5mm square copper bit that if u look carefully is 2 pieces arranged into a square (it's labelled J1) u just need to short these two pieces together, I used a small flathead screwdriver but it is lacquered so I had to scratch it slightly to get a good connection. Also make sure u remove battery and charger first and hold down power button for 20 seconds to drain any excess charge. Good luck everyone!

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Wow everybody wants to get so complicated re-flashing EPROMs and what not before they have all the facts. Has anybody considered the hard drive, SATA has been password locked? If that's the case, toss the drive and install a new one. Don't waste your time trying to hack your way in, unless there is a very specific reason you want access to that data if that's the case hire a forensics team to recover the drive. Its really not that complicated. If it's bios lockout, pull the batterys for half an hour. if it's not a windows lockout, then it's a sata pw lockout.

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Well I have the L775D Toshiba satellite, I removed the main & the cmos battery to, waited over an hour, and even removed the ram chips, then removed the hard drive, after the hour had past put it all back together like (humor dumpty ), so keeping my fingers crossed pushed power button wishing & praying it would turn on, but u think it did, he'll no still got screen that says enter password !! And yes even tried it again but to no avail it failed like totally sucks. So I will keep trying, will try the backdoor password codes maybe I'll get lucky ! ..Who knows. But if not working by the end of days I guarantee you I will Nuke its ass seriously

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If you’re able to boot into your OS, e.g BIOS isn’t set while booting, then there are several ways to do that. I’ve fixed this problem by editing firmware and that’s all I’ve done so far. It’s really very useful. Below are the stepsone should follow:

Download the BIOS firmware and use 7 zip to extract the contents.

If you’re not able to extract the firmware completely, simply open the .exe by double clicking on it and then do nothing.

Press Win+R and type %temp% and then TEMP files folder will appear, look for the folder where you think files of your firmware are available.

Copy all the content and look for .ini file, mainly config.ini

Open it and look for Password=1, replace it with Password=0 and save the file.

There should be an .exe file, open it and flash the firmware. That’s all you need to do.

I’ve also found another article in ifixit to Need a Bios password.

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