Blower / Motor on Fireplace Insert Not Working / Burned Out

We have a 10 year old insert/blower in our gas fireplace. The switch that controls the blower went out, so ordered another switch and installed. Worked about a year, went out again. Repeated process, but this time wired the switch incorrectly.

When we turned it on, the motor blew??? Electrical smell and smoke from back of fireplace; now fireplace blower will not come on at all. Currently have wires disconnected, but thinking I may need to replace the motor (or perhaps the blowers/fans. Unsure.

I have the owner's manual; Travis Industries House of Fire DVS Insert EF II. Pretty expensive insert when first installed (i.e. 4K). This company out of Beaverton, Oregon. I can order replacement parts, but just unsure of what to order. Two blowers listed (left and right); control valve Assembly, Cord Restrainer, etc.

On diagram, power in Molex Connector... ????

Any ideas on this? Anyone with experience? Thanks

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