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The Huawei MediaPad M2 is a full-sized Android tablet released June 2016.

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How to separate the screen part from the lcd?


I'm trying to replace the broken glass of my Huawei M2 tablet, I've found on youtube a guide to disassembly the lcd part from the under frame very easy, but I just need to replace the glass so I'm a bit confused.

I think next move will be trying to warm the screen and try to pull it up with a suction cup. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Very appreciated, thanks

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I've seen it done with heat but you have to be careful and heat evenly. I have personally done glass removals with dry ice and some success. With this method you lay the screen on the ice till the glue freezes and turns loose. This can be tricky though because if you get it too cold or not cold enough you will damage the lcd when trying top remove.

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