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iPhone iTunes Contacts Synching

When I sync iPhone 4 with iTunes; how do I get it to stop erasing my contacts on iPhone and how do I get Outlook to respect my iPhone contacts groups and duplicate the same. Also, how do I get it to stop combining my contacts? Alternatively I don't mind an app that would do the same (but very cheap or free). I have tried setting iTunes to forget sync history and other options; no joy. I often make lots of changes on phone including changing names and ONLY want iPhone contacts. I have also tried wiping my Outlook contacts prior (after exporting to Excel in case all are lost); no dice. The only way to correct iPhone after this frustrating procedure is to restore the whole thing from backup. Apple genius' don't know this one--I have tried. Please assist. Thanks. wschloss@optonline.net

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There are a number of third-party apps which can help you sync you sync your iPhone contacts to your PC (outlook included) without the need for iTunes. Here is one such tool:


I have been using it for some time now and while it is quite simple tool, it does transfer the contacts. I have even tried it with my brother's jailbroken iPhone.

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Go into iTunes and plug in your iPhone via USB. Once iTunes recognizes it, click on your iPhone's name, which will be in the middle of the right side of the window. Once you have done this, you should be able to click on a tab called "Info". Click on this and scroll down until you see your contacts. Make sure you click it to Do Not Sync. This should stop it from syncing your contacts. If you need help or this didn't work, let me know.

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Because you haven't deleted them completely, they will reappear on iPhone. You should use iPhone Data Eraser to stop it. It's easy to delete contacts from iPhone and deleted things will never come back.

Step 1.Install iPhone Data Eraser on the computer and connect iPad with computer.

Step 2.Choose "Erase All Data on Device" on the list.

Step 3.Delete music on iPad. "Medium" level is the most common choice. Click "Start" to erase.

You can get rid of useless contacts permanently!

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