How to replace rear ale bearing

rear axle bearing replacement , I went to autoparts stores and asked if they might have a blow up picture of how this axle and hub go together but no one seems to have one . To tear apart an axle without knowing how it is designed is a time killer and could be very expensive if a part is broken , this is an AWD with the 3.5 engine and automatic , the two wheel drive has a hub you replace with the bearing attached the instructions say the AWD is totally different but i have yet to find a disassembly procedure or a blow up picture

i have a vibration driving down the road and I just installed new rotors and brake pads , now when i turn a corner there is a dragging sound and apparently the bearing is allowing the rotor to move enough to drag , but gets quiet when the brake is applied , i purchased the car used and it has always had the vibration and now it has gotten bad enough so i could tell where it was coming from

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