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2016년 9월 출시. 모델 번호 SM-G610로 식별

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"IMS Service has stopped" message appearing every 15-20 seconds

The message "IMS Service has stopped" just started appearing every 15 to 20 seconds on my j7 prime, and i would rather not factory reset. How do I fix it?

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The past hour it w ont stop posting ims app has stopped. Keeps poping up.

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I cleared two cache areas. Messages of error still showed up, but then I just restarted my phone.

First Cache

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Apps

3. Scroll to find "Messages" App, Select it

4. Tap Storage

5. Tap "Clear Cache"


Second Cache

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Device Maintenance

3. Tap Storage

4. Clear unnecessary cache data


hope this helps~~

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