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MacBook, MacBook Pro 및 MacBook Air에 사용되는 AC 전원 어댑터. 잡아당길 때 안전하게 분리되는 자가-정렬 자성 커넥터를 사용합니다. 1 세대 (2006-2012) MagSafe 충전기는 약간 두꺼운 L 자형 커넥터가 있습니다. 45 W, 60 W 및 85 W 버전으로 제공됩니다.

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How to troubleshoot broken adapter?

Hi guys,

My Macbook adapter is not working. When I plug it on both ends, nothing happens, no light, nothing.

I opened it, and tested voltage with a voltmeter at the output of the circuit, at the start of the wire, and it's 0.

It thus seems that the problem is inside the circuit.

Here's a picture of it. Not sure whether it looks normal or not.

Block Image

Any idea how I can troubleshoot it and potentially fix it ?

Thanks in advance !

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Sadly, Apple does not provide schematics.

I should point out this is a risky venture! Between the possibility of hurting your self in the process in fixing it. You also really can’t reseal the case as good as it was, so it looses its EMI filtering and could be a shock risk or worse start a fire when used.

Best to just replace it with a new unit.

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Thank you for your answer !

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