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Is thermal paste needed?

Hi. I'm trying to replace the fan on this Mac. On this page, ( PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz Heat Sink Replacement ) there is mention that thermal paste might be needed, but it is not mentioned in the "required tools".

Is it needed, or not? If re-application of the paste is required, then please do add it to the list of required tools.

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Thermal paste is only required if the logic board is pulled. It goes between the heat sink and the processor. If your machine is overheating after you replace your fan, you can concider replacing it and cleaning the vents ports by the heat sink.

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Thanks for the reply Mayer.

According to the pictures in the guide, the heat sink must be separated from the logic board and CPU in order to remove the fan.

My best guess would be that it necessitates a re-application of thermal paste, but then why is that not listed as a necessary tool for this procedure?

By the way, the Mac is not overheating, but the fan is making a grinding noise at times, so I want to make a preemptive strike before it completely stops spinning.

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threebkk that is a wise decision to replace the noisy fan or at least lubricate it. On some of the CPU fans you can peel back the paper in the center and put a drop of graphite or 3n1 in the hole to rejuvenate them. Then cover the hole back up. Sometimes the paper won't go back down properly and you need to use scotch tape or similar to cover it. Thank you for letting us know about the bug in the guide.

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ABCellars: I was thinking about possibly cleaning and lubricating the fan, but wasn't sure how exactly to go about doing it. Thanks for filling me in. I think I'll try that before I do the full fan swap. If it works, It'll save me from having to go through the thermal paste procedure, and also disassembly would be about half as complex as removing the fan altogether.

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