keeps cranking but hard to start

Truck keeps trying to start even when I back off key. It keeps bucking then finally turns off. Originally only when truck was not started within 24 hours. Now continual. Need to keep trying to get it to start.Sometimes if I really pump gas it might start but will run badly or stall now. Fuel pressure is good while off and does not drop off when it does start. Runs really rough or when I tried to put the pedal to the floor for a few seconds it sometimes starts to run smooth as silk. Now if I put it in drive it will stall or I have to just keep pumping gas a little when it starts to act like it's going to stall. Now it happens even if I just turned it off (not 24 hours) Don't know if it is related but my gas gauge always reads something crazy like I have a full tank and the next day it says less than 1/4 tank. I go by miles. It is a '97 chevy s-10 pick up truck. Battery is fine. Tried better gas. no change. Now will try to start when I let key go for 3 seconds up to almost a minute. No check engine light goes on. Fuel filter looks fine. After driving for a little while if it starts , it runs smoothly.

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fresh gas ,new plugs,check for vacuum leaks on carb

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