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What is wrong with my truck

So I have a 1992 k1500 5.7 tbi I bought from a friend, had a fuel problem creating a decent loss in power and stalling in low idle range as well as when the truck was coasting, replaced the fuel filter and MAP sensor which helped a little, stopped it from stalling at low idle range for the most part and no longer stalled while coasting, was going to replace fuel pump but fuel pump relay as well as fuel filter had been brand new so I I’m assuming fuel pump is as well since some work had been done to it prior to me getting it, I then proceeded with replacing spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor as well as ignition coil, which leads me to how the truck is now, it acts as if it’s misfiring and runs incredibly rough, I have to hold the throttle open to even get it to start, I just finished rebuilding the throttle body and replaced the fuel regulator inside, no change at all, iv triple checked my wires and they all go to the correct places, spark plugs properly gapped and everything properly connected, no clue what my problem could be, any help is appreciated

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I would suggest checking fuel delivery pressure at the injector. If that is in specs... You rebuilt TB did that include a new injector ?

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No I cleaned the injectors and checked to make sure they actually worked but they both could be faulty or just one, I’m not sure if their allowing to much fuel in or not to create a running rich situation, my cylinder 1 spark plug had a black coating on it as well as the 3rd, I should be getting another set of injectors here in a week from my brother to compare, but just replaced the fuel pump and I’ll be doing a compression check today just to check on my cylinder heads cause I do have some white smoke out the tail pipes but no loss of fluid or mixture from the oil or coolant

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