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1.86GHz 또는 2.13GHz 프로세서, 128GB 또는 256GB 플래시 저장공간

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Can I put my late 2010 MacBook air hard drive into a newer model?

My 13” MacBook Air Late 2010 is having issues!

The long and short of it is that even when I got a new charger for it the thing won’t charge or boot up (constant green light on charger). I’m afraid it may be a logic board failure caused by a bad charger I had for a while, it would only charge when moved a certain way and sometimes you had to take it out and plug it back in so the light would turn orange instead of a dim green, it also heated up a lot and eventually stopped charging at all, the computer did things like drop 20% or more when the charger was removed so its possible the cycles or something got messed up.

Since I have no desire to spend half the price of the laptop to get it repaired (those were the kinds of prices I heard thrown around) I want to buy a newer model of MacBook Air. But, I want to have all the files I had on my old computer, so can I put the older drive into the new computer and have it work? It doesn’t even need to work well, I just need to be able to get all my files moved around on external hard drives and get some passwords

Also looking to hear opinions over whether the newer models are even worth getting, You never know with the new tech these days, barely drop them from 3 feet up and they never work again, dropped my system a couple of times over it’s career onto hard marble and it barely left a dent, didn’t even mess with the screen none either, resilient little thing.

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Well, I wouldn’t swap the drives, instead I would get an external case which supports your SSD drive. That way you can gain access to the files as well as use it as a spare drive!

Here’s one unit: OWC Envoy

As far as the durability of the current crop of MacBook Air systems they are just as durable as yours. As time has moved on the CPU’s are much more powerful and the SSD drives they have are a newer design (which is why your’s won’t fit into it).

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Thank you for the advice, i never knew they made such things

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