4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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Water damage to iPhone SE.

So I just got a iPhone SE from a friend who said it got wet when ln walking in the rain through the cracked screen. I have taken the iPhone apart and seen that only the top sticker on the iPhone logic board is red and not the second, so my guess is that there wasn’t that much water inside. My friend did say that it wasn’t working so I’m not sure if there is any chance I can clean it and it will turn on. I don’t want to connect the phone to iTunes just encase it does turn on and fries the board.

Heres an image of the logic board. You can see the one sticker at the top is red but the bottom one isn’t

Block Image


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Remove the two black stickers, one around the screen connectors and one near the charging port connector.

Do this carefully with tweezers. Also the foam around some screen connectors too as water may be soaked on them. That's where some of the liquid damage goes to.

Might want to take the board out and look for signs of corrosion behind the board too to tell if liquid has gone under the metal shields of the board.

Here is a guide on how to remove logic board if needed:

iPhone SE Logic Board Replacement

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Hi, so I have remove the logic board and the stickers as you said. The area where the connectors are don’t look corroded, however I’m not 100% sure what the corrosion looks like. On the back there are a few light spots, and I’m not sure if these are signs of corrosion or just scratches.

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If it's like white spots those are signs of corrosion, liquid going to those spots.

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