HTC Evo 3D wont turn on, but, getting charged

I had an old working HTC Evo 3D and I use it as a spare phone during travel to use prepaid SIM cards. I wanted to change the complete housing of Evo 3d and purchased a front, middle & back frame from online OEM vendors. As a newbie, I was so excited and started to disassemble the phone and to put into the new housing. All went well till I started to take the LCD and digitizer from the old housing. I made a mistake and ripped the flex cable of the digitizer. I felt very bad and then I decided that I need to order a new digitizer online.

I continued to reassemble the phone with the new housing. I made sure that I kept the sticky tape in the front housing intact so its easy to take it again. I completed the assembling and when I turned on the phone the LCD was displaying white and black dots. However, I could hear the HTC boot sound the “Quietly Brilliant” sound from the older phones. At this point, I thought I have damaged both the LCD and the digitizer.

Today, I tired to switch again, I dont see the phone booting-up or hear the boot-up sound or the white and black screen. When I charge the phone, I see the red LED light and then after some time it turns green. I tried all type of resets like power+volume buttons, power+camera button, long press power button. However, I dont think anything is happening.

Now, I am worried if the problem is now with the display or I damaged the motherboard. Does anyone know if the phone wont start if there is a damage to the LCD/digitzer. I am just waiting to know what might be the problem before ordering LCD/digitizer. I am unable to check which part is damaged now.

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