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How to stop the annoying moisture detected at the USB charging port.

Help! I have a three weeks old Galaxy S9+ and the notification of moisture detected at the USB charging port is keeping me from charging my phone and keeps alerting about the moisture. I live in Michigan so it’s not overly humid. This past weekend, it was rainy and humid and the darn phone wouldn’t let me plug in the fast charger. I didn’t have my wireless charger with me.

Is there something wrong with the phone? Should I return it to Best Buy and ask for an exchange or refund? Help I am conflicted. (By the way I switched from an iPhone 8 for a change of pace.)

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Hello all ...I recently had the problem start at work sitting on my wireless desk charger. Got the moisture symbol and when I got home the constant noise. Tried lots of cables, turning off, etc. No joy. So I tried device maintenance in setting, meaning all the battery and other junk, turned off all background programs. I then took a small peice of tissue, thin tshirt material over the charging port and plugged in my charger, cleaned my charging port. This cleaned off small amounts of dirt/debris and the moisture symbol and noise went away. We shall see if this lasts. So far so good over night.

Hello everyone. This problem started to happen to me after i immersed my phone in salty water....into the sea. Nothing worked but AFTER I WASHED THE CHARGING PORT WITH NORMAL WATER ( thinking like washing the salt away) everything worked fine

My S9 is a week old and my phone is on 0% and I keep getting the same message about the moisture.

My phone is 100% dry …… any ideas ?

For now, try charging your phone wirelessly. I have found that it is often an issue with the charge port itself. If you replace the charge port it will fix the issue.

i had same problem. phone was completely dry and used new cord i just bought. it kept doing it even when powered off. but i turned plug over and it started charging, powered on and working now

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Hey guys had this problem myself and after months of playing around with it I found a solution.

  1. Buy a wireless charger and get enough charge on it to atleast be able to get into settings (2-3% would be enough)
  2. GO into settings and into battery usage
  3. Scroll down to ‘Recent Battery Usage’ and find the app ‘Android System’
  4. Tap on that and then tap on ‘Force Stop’. It had a warning that doing that could cause system problems but all it did was take away the ‘Detecting Moisture’ notification and I was able to charge again.

If you can get passed that I recommend getting a new cable, I went and bought a better one after fixing it and things were sorted. Good luck

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This worked for my s7.. thanks alot!

I have been having issues with my GS9+ saying this for almost a freaking week now! Started with the last system update. It was charging on a cord and got to 97% and then woke me up with the stupid beeping from the warning! It was NOT actual moisture. This is such a life saver! Thank you!

thanks so much. worked on my s10+

Did not work for me. All these hacks I tried work for half a day or so then it's back to the same annoying problem. Galaxy S8.

DOESN'T WORK. It only gets rid of the warning icon BUT IT DOESN'T GET RID OF THE ACTUAL MOISTURE DETECTION and rhe phone still doesn't charge.

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There is actually an easy workaround to that error! Just turn your phone off, connect the charger, and then power the phone on. It shouldn’t give you that error when you do that.

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Is the phone defective or is this just a quirk of the Galaxy S9+? Should I return it to the store for an exchange?

That’s just a quirk of that phone, especially since you live in an area that’s humid.

I've had this issue several times also. Turning off phone does not work. I needed to dry port with hair dryer, AND store overnight in a sealed tupperware filled with rice. You're right, very annoying.

Some of these posts are funny you shouldn't have this issue at all! I am on hollidays in the phillipines a very humid enviroment i am here for 5 weeks the only thing i can do to get past it is disconnect the charger reboot then when the samsung sign has scrawled across the screen in full insert the charger that works for me i have tryed rice hairdryer that didnt help me i will be blasting my provider when i get home hope this works for you!

Thank u so much it really worked and I'm so happy rn I thought my phone was about to stop working

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You could have dirty contacts in the charging port. I work in a very dusty paper mill and I'll get a moisture warning when the charging port gets dirty. Use 90% isopropyl alcohol or electronic parts cleaner and a toothbrush to clean the port. Then blow it out with canned air if you can.

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Thank you very much Daniel it works out perfectly for me and save my day. Marry christmas.

worked for me, I put a teeny bit of cotton wool on a cocktail stick and dipped it in isopropyl alcohol, it got rid of the message in just a few seconds.

Cleaned port with fine brush, rested phone on table on angle facing up, plugged in hairdryer on mid heat , approx 30cm away, let it run for 20 min.problem disapeared.

Firstly though I went into settings .device apps,usb settings then clear cache, to make sure it was not phone.,it wasn't,t, it was minute moisture as phone was in my pocket , probably upside down, and I got wet walking in

Thanks very much it worked magic

Hmmm the problem kept coming again and again ooo even cleaning the port with alcohol/spirit

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Use Android System Recovery Option to bypass Moisture detected at 0% charge.

When phone is at 0% and it shuts down, the moisture detected error doesn’t let the phone charge even if left plugged in for hours. The screen shows 0% always.

However, the phone charges if it can be turned on till home screen. So I tried a method and it worked for me:

1. Let the charger be plugged in the phone.

2.  Press & hold these buttons together: power + volume up + Bixby

3. Android logo will be displayed. Installing system update will show.

4. Press the volume down key several times to enter android system recovery option screen.

5. When you arrive at recovery option screen, Leave it as it is for 10 to 15 minutes. The phone will charge to 5 to 10%.

6. Select "reboot system now" (use volume up/down button|) and press the power button.

The phone will restart and you will see the full screen and charge %.

From there on you can keep charging without the annoying message.

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ty, i try it and it worked

Thia did not work

It worked like a dream after this good advice. Greatly appreciated tech guru

I can bypass the issue by plugging in the charger while it is booting up. Regardless Samsung needs to fix this issue. I am afraid if I send in my device they will tell me I am at fault even though I know my tablet never came into contact with water....

Thank you very much, worked for me :)

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I found a easy solution to this.

First go into safe mode and find out if its a hardware or software problem. Restart phone, press both volume and power buttons while its restarting to get there. While in safe mode try the charger. If you get the same $@$* its the hardware, so theres some kind of moisture dmg. Follow the drying instructions.

If it goes away then its something in the software or operating system. Luckily i found a quick easy fix. Boot phone normally and just goto setting and use the device maintenance option. This should fix the problems if its a usb cache or memory error.

If problem persists you might have to wipe the storage/disc partition or try clearing cache manually. The details for this you can find easily with a google search. Just type (phone model here) wipe partition OR wipe cache

Allright, hope this helps guys.

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Rebooting in safe mode and charging is working for my Samsung Galaxy TabA. Thank you. Let me see if this comes again!!

Ι've had the same problem with my samsung galaxy s7 edge. It's supposed to be waterproof, so last night when I had a beach party and my phone slipped off my hand and got dirt all over it, I put it's charging port into the sea. I didn't really think of it until I came home and the detector kept going off. I didn't do anything then, but today, I rinsed it off with clean water and used a toothbrush and a swab to clean the dirt off. I used a blow dryer to its lowest level and blow dried the water off. The problem was solved.

Was having this issue after a recent Android update. Clearing the cache for the Android System fixed it. Go to Settings > Apps. Tap the ..., Choose show system apps. Tap Android System, then tap Storage > Clear Cache.

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On a Galaxy S8 I tried all the ideas presented in this thread but nothing worked. Finally the only method I found was to power-off the phone, then power-on without the charging cable connected (it does not start otherwise), then immediately after the logo is shown on the screen, plug the charging cable. There is no more moisture error after that and I could get normal charging (fast charging is not working in this way for some reason). Removing the cable and plugging it back in gives the same moisture error so for a recharge I need to start over with the power-off -> power-on cycle.

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This works, thanks man you just saved me a board replacement

That didn't work for me, but getting the phone into safe mode worked. Then I could plug it in to charge. To do that, turn off the phone. After a 20 second break, you press both the volume up and power on buttons at the same time till the Android sign appears. Then with one finger still holding down the power button, you press the volume down button several times, and the phone will say safe mode. Then you can charge it with no message.

Thanks a mill worked like a charm.

So happy it was one of the simpler solutions that worked.

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, if this doesn't work I'm just going to have to put a bullet through my tablet and get a new one.

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