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The fourth generation of HP's low-cost, 11.6 inch Chromebook 11, released in 2015.

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Keyboard thermal compound fell off, cant replace

I replaced my motherboard on my chromebook and while in the process, the thermal compound fell off. I just thought, oh well I will replace it with thermal paste and make it even cooler. Well the complete opposite happened and now the temps of my chromebook get up to 80 degrees Celsius. So far with my research, the only way to replace this is by buying a whole new keyboard with the thermal compound applied, which cost up to $70. I was wondering maybe if I could buy this compound somewhere so I did not have to replace my whole keyboard and instead just buy new thermal compound and install it on my keyboard. Thanks in advanced.

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Did you mean thermal pads instead of thermal compound?

They come in different thickness and color.

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Yes thermal pads, completely forgot about those. Do you think there are some made for chromebook or should I just order a pack of silicon pads online?

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