A bit of a throttling predicament?

Hey all, I'm having the weirdest issue with my Dell Latitude D630. I can boot, with no temperature issues to Windows login, no slowdowns, totally normal. But, about 10 seconds after I login, it throttles to .3 GHz. I don't understand! I've reinstalled Windows, checked temps, everything. It's all fine on the login screen. I left login up for a while to see if it would begin throttling, and it never did. It only begins after I login. I am absolutely baffled, and help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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At the risk of asking a silly question, have you checked all the power settings, including advanced and vendor-specific ones? I presume the power profile is only applied after you login as different users may have different ones. Even so, a power profile that aggressive is hard to understand, especially as a default after reinstall. (You did do a fresh reisnstall did you, not an in-place reinstall preserving programs and settings?) It could be a fault with the ACPI functionality on the motherboard but that would be hard to diagnose (unless Dell has a diagnostic utility that would show it) and harder to fix. Have you been through the BIOS settings with a fine-tooth comb? And installed any driver or BIOS updates to can get from Dell?

Hi, You can also go into power option's and set the max CPU usage to like 60% in the meantime.

Have you tried creating a new account and logging in to that? (don’t import anything from the old one) - if it doesn’t do it then - there ya go!

Try @reedcrosby 's solution by all means, though be very careful since the wrong CPU and voltage settings could permanently damage your CPU. But in fact a Dell laptop can't tell whether you're using a Dell or 3rd party adapter because there is no data connection. All it can tell is whether it's getting enough juice. Which raises the possibility that the BIOS might be throttling the CPU because the adapter (whether Dell or 3rd party) isn't powerful enough to run it at full speed, or to do so and simultaneously charge the battery.

Take a look at the bottom of the laptop, where it should say something like 19V 3.95A. Check that your adapter also says 19V, and at least the same number of A.

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