First released in September 2013, the T440s is a lightweight, durable 14" business notebook that shipped with 4th generation Intel processors.

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No display but green power light comes w/ red light above I

Not sure the history. But I dont see any obvious water damage. lights come on immediately and cant get it to turn off. Even by holding power BTN. Thanks!

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Try plugging it into an external display via the HDMI / VGA port and see what happens. If it powers up to an external display, then the LCD on the unit might be bad. If it doesn’t power up to an external display, then it might have a hardware issue preventing it from booting. In that case, you would need to check the manufacture website for the manual that might tell what’s wrong with it based on the lights. Also try removing the battery for 30 min and make sure there are boot disc in the CD / DVD drive.

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Tried that. Nothin on the monitor

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