A unibody aluminum generation of the Mac mini identifiable by the model number A1347, spanning the Mid 2010 to the currently sold Late 2014 model.

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Which hard drive is master and which is slave?

A computer with multiple hard drives has one natively designated as the "main" hard drive. The computer will naturally boot up from this "main" hard drive. I believe this "main" hard drive is called the master.

When tearing down the A1347 Server model, which hard drive is removed first, the master or slave?

Asked another way, which hard drive is closer to the Apple logo, the master or slave?

I would like to replace the master/main hard drive with an SSD hard drive while insuring default boot is correct.


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Either drive can be master. It's a matter of jumper settings. Some drives will tell you how to set it on the drive, others, just do a web search for the company name and jumper setting. If both drives have systems, it will go to the one selected in the system preferences. If neither drive has been selected as the start up, it will sometimes start and some times not. Hold the option key down on start up to select the system you want.

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