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Model A1311 / Mid 2010 / 3.06 및 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 3.6 GHz Core i5 프로세서

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iMac pre 2012 Mojave Support

*I know how to google, if the only advice you can provide is from the 1st google page please move on.

So I have a iMac Mid 2010, fitted with 16GB of RAM, an SSD, an HD 5670 512mb, and now an i5 680 (and a blu-ray drive!).

I also have a compatible wifi/bluetooth 4.0 card lying around, but I didn’t install as it is a solder-job (and this is my family’s computer).

So, my real question is, why can’t my machine run Mojave?

The only thing I have found, is that my GPU doesn’t support metal.

So, I have found a cheap mxm graphics card, HD 7650a 2GB, that apparently is supported (as it is a 7000 series AMD card). If you can verify compatibility, please do.

If I flash this card to Apple’s firmware, and use a Mojave patch tool, will this machine see any issues running the latest OS?

I know we are still in the Beta stages, but surely someone knows more than just a list of compatible Macs, what’s the REASON behind them being compatible?

EDIT (12/16/18): I am surprisingly disappointed no one has tried this yet. As far I know, the latest and greatest consumer MXM graphics cards from both the Red and Green Teams are the RX 580 and the GTX 1080.

Unfortunately, as my machine is the 21.5”, a full MXM card will not fit, only the half size. I know 3rd party patches exist for graphic cards to work with Macs, and AMD is better supported.

So fine, I will buy this HD 7650a and attempt to patch it and run it in my iMac, then maybe the misinformation, dated theory, and “You can’t”s will finally cease.

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@danj Great minds think alike! I was gonna post that.

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Up to gtx 780 mxm 3B Kepler cards will work in 09/10/11 21.5 and 27 iMacs… I would use 765m 2gb mem must have dell , Alienware bios or you can flash it your self… Not as difficult as it sounds… Cards are available on ebay for 99 and up . These work without any hacks on Mojave and allow graphic acceleration without any further tweaking. I’ve only tried the 2011 but others have done it 2009 and 2010 iMacs and I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t… there is apple driver support natively built into Mojave for Kepler architecture this will probably end with Navi. You will still also need the Mohave upgrader kit from dos dude unless you have a hard drive with Mohave already installed. somebody probably has a video out by now … I would check for that.

Update (02/19/2019)

Block Image

chip flashers that were supposed to be included wit the above comment

Update (02/19/2019)

If you need to flash a chip before you install it or because you bricked your bios, there is 2 very good and inexpensive options I use... the small black one sells for around 8 bucks the other is a little more and comes with adapters to give you lots of other options for different chips... some excellent videos available for both of these tools and also for choosing the best free software to run... Check out at least several videos first before you decide what to use. Flashing while the chip is still inside your computer is recommended and much simpler... always do sufficient research before you start... Four out of five voices agree.

Just added this because I'm noticing most people are unaware of these simple tools.

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I've been waiting a long time for someone that actually knows what's going on to reply to these forums. That sounds fantastic, and perfectly in line with my theory. Thanks so much.

Also, I've seen up to a GTX 980m MXM on an iMac 27" 2011, as well as several 880m's. So it doesn't stop at the 780m, but the 1080m I think is a different MXM revision.

Hi, I know your comment is a few months old but I'm about to install an Nvidia K1000 in my iMac 2011 and want to flash it before doing so. Can you tell me what the tools in your photo are called please? and/or where I can buy them. I'm assuming ebay but not knowing what they're called, I could be searching for quite some time!

Hi Gerard, I have this thread bookmarked since several months, and finally I think I will try with the GPU replacement. GTX 780M is on the way. I see the tools. I also ordered the smaller programmer (@Toby, i found it on aliexpress, but I guess you can find them in the local electronic shops or ebat as well). What I am not clear on is the flashing process. I have used software in the past to flash bios, but I have never done it by usineg external hardware. I have also seen several links to different posts, but I have not found step by step instructions. Would it be too much to ask for detailed step-by-step guide? You say that alienware bios cards work without hacks - does it mean they do not need flashing?

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OWC just put out a nice blog on Mojave:


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@mayer - Good find!

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There’s a lot of low level changes in Mojave, more than just the graphic services. For now I think we really need to wait until the gold release comes out to figure out what is workable and what is not.

As for Metal support within the GPU has a lot to do with it running effectively given the added load of the newer Metal2 code.

There is also the fact Apple does not want to test every system so they often draw a line based on the age of the system and/or what they need to protect from people jumping ship. As an example the older MacPro’s 2012 are still on the supported list with the newer GPU cards.

As for burning your MXM card with the Apple firmware I would hold off on that for now you may encounter issues.

Frankly, I would recommend you get a 2011 27” iMac and work things out from there. It too won’t support Mojave but they can be gotten used for quite little if you look. I would get a i7 if you can and then look at upgrading its hardware to run Mojave.

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I totally agree. As for the 2011 27", yes, that is my dream iMac. But as I briefly mentioned, this is my family's computer. They actually received it for free from the Apple Store when our old square iMac broke.

When it comes to computers, they are definitely thinkers of, if it aint broke don't fix, but I have persuaded them through several upgrades (original specs were 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, i3, HD 4670 256mb).

A new computer is out of the question, unless this one breaks or slows down considerably...neither of which is coming soon with these upgrades. I just want them to have the latest software.

The only issue I have with the Mojave patch by dosdude1 is that the dark mode does not completely work because it is more of a grey than a black. Other then the aesthetics it works completely fine!

I think this is likely to be a dangerous venture at this point, I would wait!

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I am looking for the same answer regarding my mid-2010 iMac 27”. At this point I’ve successfully upgraded the CPU to an i7-870, added an SSD and lots of Ram, replaced a dead power supply, all using this great site. This machine is snappy and perfectly stable in High Sierra but to keep it going for a few more years (up to sync with all the latest services running in my more recent macs) I’d like to see if it’s possible to upgrade the GPU to a metal-compatible one.

There must be someone out there testing this hack…? Cheers, L

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Sadly, Neither AMD or NVIDEA offer their newer GPU's on a MXM board so getting the needed GPU just won't be possible.

dosdude1 offers an emulation service which is as best as you can get.

Where are you getting your information from Dan?

The MXM AMD RX 580 and MXM GTX 1080 have been out for a considerable period of time.

Nvidia is about to release their RTX line in MXM form as well.

Several people have already outfitted their 2010-11 iMacs with GTX 880s and 980s and documented it on the internet.

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Imac 4670 cards will work in Mojave with dosdude1 patch just fine.

Boot screen and all!

The only thing I have found is that Netflix does not work in Safari…but it does in Chrome…

You can try a lot of mxm cards from other venders, like HP etc…and if you already have the Mojave patch up and running, then you must wait for the log in screen, until then it will be blank/black.

BUT not all cards work at that point, just be patient.

I have found that the HD4670 / HD4850 cards work really good, and i’m not playing games, but there are 2GB cards that work( with out the boot screen ) but they are older cards and their performance is…dated.

All in all though, my 2009 and 2011 27” iMacs with a HD4670/HD4850 cards run Mojave quite nicely, with an SSD HDD and Mac Fan Control installed so I never have heat problems or noisy fans.

I expect that the performance relative to newer iMacs isworth the $$ that I'm saving from getting a newer Mac that only runs moderately faster yet costs tremendously more.

So stay away from the 5+6000 HD cards or get an Nvidia card , which runs cooler, and run the patch till Apple starts to NOT use intel chips (around 2020-2021 ?) anymore and we ALL have to either wait for a hack or buy a new Mac!



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So I've heard. I am really kicking myself in the foot for upgrading my HD 4670 to a HD 5670. Even though I bought the HD 5670 for a record $17 and sold my HD 4670 for $120 Mojave is now out of reach.

I purchased a few mxm cards that do run Mojave, but lack acceleration ( Nvidia Quadra K1100M and K1000m, I am waiting for my Fire pro M4000 to arrive. These other two cars work great in High Sierra and report Metal capable, but maybe all I need to do is hack a kext in Mojave then ...?

By far and large the iMac 4670 and 4850 are the best cards to use for Mojave ,

they give boot screens! If you want to play games then you'll need to get a Dell card in there with out a boot screen but better for games.

I'm hoping the fire pro works at least as good as the other Dell cards.

look at this page: https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comm...

Someone who hacks Kexts can figure out how to get the acceleration working on some of these - Metal capable graphics cards that are listed here?

I'll post an update if I find anything worth posting.

But for now, the secrete is to run the HD4670/4850 if you want to run Mojave, with a boot screen on your iMac.


Update: either the mxm card I got was defective or it was not a Fire pro m4000 but a HD7700 and is just not going to work at all.

My fans ran on high almost right away and I heard a faint chime only once.

At this point I am not buying another Fire Pro to try... :(

I do have a K1100M Nvidia card that works great in HS but lags in Mojave.

It says in HS that it supports Metal, so if anyone can hack a kext for it in Mojave I think that would work out good for the masses.

Mine was like $12 and 2GB, so for a broken iMac pre 2012 that runs High Sierra this is great news! just not for running Mojave.


I've been looking for a solution to using a HD4850 in a 2011 iMac 12,2. You mention this being feasible in the comments above, is there any secret to how that was accomplished. Note that I am only trying to make this machine work, not build rockets. This is only going to be for office work and light web surfing, so I purchased the HD4850 to replace the failed dGPU. Thanks!

I put HD4670 in 12.2 iMac (mid-2011) and it works at least in Windows + boot screen. But I pulled it from 2009 iMac, so therefore it had vbios for LVDS display and I had to reflash it to eDP (the one 12.2 mac is using). Hope this might help

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Hi, can you please update progress about HD 7650a , did you managed to install it and make it work?

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I have put that project on hold, specifically because there are better cards to use. Please look at the comment from @gerard1021 above.

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I was running a 2010 27” with i5, 16Gb Ram, 256SSD + 3TB 3.5” HD, and the stock 1GB(512GB) GPU. It such a great system and I wanted to upgrade before even considering the price of a competent new iMac.

As of last month. I successfully upgraded the CPu for an i7 “4core 870” (38$ eBay), 32Gb Ram(88$ eBay 4x8gb), Samsung Evo 850 1TB SSD (99$ eBay) and a GTX 765M 2GB GPu (79$ eBay). I went full upgrade and paid way much less than just getting me a working i7 for the same year and i ended up with a super machine. Nit to mention Metal capability GPU that’s currently Mojave.

Altough i now run mojave, the Cinebench specs went down a few fps with the new gpu for some reason, so i would recommend a better GpU but only after someone else confirm they work as well as the 765M(ive seen some 880 8GB for around 250$). There are videos on YouTube and a lot of discussion around. I dont need the extra GPu since i don’t run any video making or anything rather parallels with Autocad. 

I needed no flashing, just a copy of Dosdude1 Mojave Patcher and to not let the Legacy video card patch run when the now compatible GPU was ready to run. I needed another system (i used a macbook) to install the mojave on an ssd with the patches for the 11.3 iMac, without the gpu patch. Also i had to sand down the heatsink to give space and avoid some components in the gpu from touching. Its all in the web…

There are a couple of details one should know, but i can explain details to anyone trying this. Most is explained in videos and forums.

I wish you success and that by now you had done it!


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