Kernel Panic when using PM G5 CD (Cant Install OS)

I made another topic a year ago about some errors i experienced while first fixing it: ( Powermac G5 not booting up - Leads to flashing question mark/folder.. )

However; After getting back to the computer and trying to resolve the error, I cannot get past this one. I am using the standard Powermac G5 OS X Install CD, and whenever i use it i get this kernel panic: (yeah… i did type that all)

This is what confuses me:

-If i use a Mac OS X Leopard Installation CD, it WILL go to the installation screen, but it gives me an error saying “You need Mac OS X 10.4 installed first."

-If I use a Mac OS X Tiger Installation CD, It will freeze on a screen with the apple logo.

-Powermac G5 OS X CD, Kernel Panic.

Any explanation as to why? I don’t think it’s a hardware issue, as I can get the Leopard CD to work fine… but im not sure. Thanks.

quick edit: Apple Hardware Test IS Available on the computer; but when I go to it, it says it’s not supported for the computer. I’m not sure why the G5 CD says to go to Apple Hardware Test… if it’s not even supported… but whatever.

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