Defective Beats caused brand new cable to corrupt 3 other devices

I had a defective pair of Beats headphones that I plugged a brand new Beats cable into, just to check and see if it was the cable and not the headphones. Well, the right side didn’t work, so I figured they just went bad.Then I plugged the same cable into my brand new Beats and the other end into my iPhone and only the right side worked. Today I bought another new cable and the right side still doesn’t work on the new Beats and then I was going to listen to my iPhone while I worked, using my earbuds. Well, now the right side of my earbuds don’t work and and the right side of the earbuds don’t work that I use on my MacBook Pro. The only thing that these 3 things have in common is the cable that was plugged into the defective Beats. Please, can anyone help?

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