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Why are there dark sections of picture on TV?

I have a Vizio E60-C3. A few sections of the picture grid have become darker then the rest of the screen. I'm not sure if this is a backlight gone out or board issue. Was hoping for some advice on how to fix since the tv works fine otherwise.

Block Image

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This appears to be a couple of bad LED strips. This set has 2 strips per row. From the picture provided, there appear to be 2 strips out on the upper right and an entire row of 2 strips out in the middle. This unit has a total of 12 strips (6 per side). You can either purchase 4 strips and replace the defective ones, or purchase the individual LEDs and replace them on the defective strips once you locate the dead ones. Note: 1 bad LED will prevent the entire strip from functioning.


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Okay that's what I had thought, any idea what the replacement strip is and where I can buy it? Also if there's any how-toy's for replacing defective strips? Thanks!

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One example of a strip is here:

Search Ebay using the following: "Vizio E60-C3"

You can watch the video from Shop Jimmy here:

Parts can be obtained from Shopjimmy as well.

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