Any fix to the screen freezing and a looping optimizing cycle?

The down volume button stopped working and a few days later the screen froze on the Fire HD 10. I pushed the power button for 40 seconds, waited and then rebooted. Zip. I tried numerous times. I gave up, opened the back and unplugged and replugged the battery. It worked until I turned it off and turned it on again. Now when I do a re-set, it keeps optimizing over and over. I called Amazon and the warranty had run out a couple days before. It was only 3 months old as my original one was replaced when the screen froze and Amazon couldn't repair it. I wonder if the replacement they sent was a Fire someone had returned because when I called about the problems with the second one, they kept pulling up someone else's name with the registration number. I was offered a discount on a new one. I laughed and said I'd never buy another one.

Is there any fix for this? I’ve tried every fix suggested I could find on YouTube and online chat groups.

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