Music stuck at 00:00, no sound. Sorts itself when hard reset

Hi There,

I have an iPod 6th Generation (Classic).

When music is playing and the menu button is pressed while the iPod’s display is dimmed or sometimes on, the menu will load but the music will just stop playing.

The icon in the top right corner of the display suggests the iPod is still playing however the song will be stuck at 00:00. When selecting a different song after this has occurred, I will get the playing symbol in the top corner but no sound and the song will be stuck at 00:00.

The problem does clear up after holding down the Menu and Enter buttons to perform a hard reset but quickly returns.

The iPod’s HDD has been reformatted using Windows and the iPod has been restored twice.


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I have a somewhat similar problem with a 3rd generation. If I let the iPod go into sleep mode, it won't load new songs when it wakes up. So, it will finish playing the song it's on and the next few that are loaded in, but after that, songs won't load, and get stuck. Selecting a new song makes it get stuck at 00:00. Resetting the iPod fixes the problem.

Thank you for your advice. After resetting your iPod does the problem return at all or does it keep working properly. I have found that as well as the issue documented above, if I leave my iPod for maybe 2-3 hours and come back to it, the device will not turn on. A reset fixes my issues but not permanently.

I have a feeling I might need to replace the logic board sadly

Either replace the logic board or buy a new iPod. You can buy a brand new iPod Touch at If you don't want an iPod Touch, you can buy an old iPod on eBay.

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