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BeatsX pink light forever! please help me!

I was using my BeatsX like I do for a normal day … but all the sudden it stopped playing the music.

I thought it might be because of my phone, yet I check the phone it keeps working fine except the headset itself keep showing some sort of pink light (like forever).

However, when I plugged in the charger it keeps charging with red and white blink then turn pink again :/

I’m done with this crap!

  • Detail: BeatsX Black (Running latest firmware)
  • Age: About 1 year and a half

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I would visit an Apple Store to see what they can do for you. These headsets are sealed and not really repairable.

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Thank sir for your comment. I appreciated it. However, in my country doesn't apple store available and it is like a year and a half already; therefore, it is not easy to get it fix. I felt like it is battery problem :/

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