Released on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld that can be played on the TV or on the go.

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Nintendo switch is charging insanely slow

I am having a problem with my switch and I was wondering if there's a chance you guys could be of assistance at all.

So I have a nintendo switch that is giving me some issues. It's never been used on any 3rd party dock or chargers, only the official supplied chargers. I hadn't played it for about a day or so, and when I came back and tried to turn it on it was dead. When I plugged it in it would show the battery symbol, but never charge up enough to get it to boot. I googled around for about an hour and tried everything possible with no success.

I then booted the switch into RCM mode and was able to boot to Hekate. Through hekate I can see that the battery capacity is 100% of the original capacity, but the current capacity is somewhere around 3%. From there I tried a battery fix tool that is built into Hekate, that did not solve the problem. After that, I rebooted the console through Hekate. This time, to my surprise, it actually booted all the way through. My profile loaded up and everything came back. The problem now is that the switch still is not charging. The device will stay on, but it is currently stuck at 2%. If I turn the device off and leave it charging it will now charge incredibly slow, and eventually deplete again when turned on. The good news is that the device will now turn on if left on the charger for an hour or two.

I have a few years of experience repairing electronics and soldering devices, so I figured I would open it up and take a look. I did a lot of googling and gathered all the info I could, and then went to work. The charge port seems to be working fine, currently the switch is pulling .47A at 4.97V. I am checking this using a little dongle and a 3rd party cable. As far as I can find, this means that the device is charging correctly. When I check pin 5 on M92T36 I get 3.29V. According to a few people on the internet (which may or may not be accurate), this means that M92T36 is not the problem. I believe this is one of the most common problems with the switch right now, so I was surprised to see that it is (again, I could be wrong) working fine. From here, I tested BQ24193. On both VBUS pins (1 and 24) I am getting 4.8V, and as far as I can tell this means that power is getting to the chip. All of these readings are while the device is plugged in. After this, I turned off the device while it was plugged in and left it for around 30 minutes. I then booted back into Hekate, it told me that the battery was at 10%. So the console is getting power, but it's charging very slowly.

I just tested the battery to make sure that was working as well. While plugged into the system (the battery, the charge cord is unplugged) I'm getting 3.5V from both of the positive power lines. With the battery unplugged I'm still getting 3.5V from each positive power line. The battery says it has a 3.7V output, so this is close enough. I believe the battery is fine based on these measurements.

With all of that said, is there any chance you guys could provide any assistance to me? If I could be pointed in the right direction I could keep trying to figure it out, but at the moment I'm stuck. I can't seem to find any more info as far as what I need to check to see if everything is receiving the correct amount of power. From what I can find everything is testing fine, so there must be something that I need to check that I can't find any info on. If you guys could provide me with any info that would be amazing.


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How long did you leave it charging? Switches will slow charge (around .40-.47 or so) for a long time sometimes. I've seen them slow charge for hours. That's what I would try first...just leave it charging overnight.

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Had one last weekend and that fixed it, now the next charge was "normal" under couple hours, while the first one took about 8 hours to fully charge.

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Ya, I've had some take an extremely long time.

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I have had luck in the past with replacing the battery in this exact situation, although sometimes even a battery doesn’t seem to work. These power issues are super common on the Switch and it sounds like you’ve ruled out the other most likely causes (the USB-C port and the charging ICs). If a new battery doesn’t work try asking @tronicsfix if he has come across anything new. Good luck!

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