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A mid-range smartphone from HTC, released November 2014.

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phone screen doesn't turn on and won't charge when battery is not zero

Hi, i’m using HTC desire 820 for 3 year

some day ago my phone screen turn off suddenly (LCD screen is black)

after that i couldn’t turn my phone on or even charge my phone (red light doesn’t turn on)

i found that i can turn my phone on when my phone battery level change to zero

it’s some looping i think that happens suddenly and LCD screen is black ,phone doesn’t work and even doesn’t charge

i must wait until battery level change to zero, then phone turn off automatically . after that i can turn my phone on again

but again after some hour, screen change to black and again and again i have to wait

any help please ??

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try hard reset when it happens, could be software problem

sounds like phone is just freezing

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