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Definitive guide for glues

There are so many recommendations for different glues that I need to get informed about.

BCQLI, B4000, B5000, B6000, B7000, B8000 Glues

Is there a definitive guide for when and where to use all these different glues?

I’m really tired of opening a tube of super glue and getting one use then finding the whole thing hardened and unusable the next time.

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I'd really like some more input on this one as I still don't know what to use or when, or if theses are all the same or if I just stick good old Emers glue on everything.

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I haven’t come across these before but the best Mr Google could come up with was

It seems these are generally Chinese copycat products so it may not be possible to get any info. For Western products from mainstream manufacturers you should be able to get datasheets on all their products, going into nauseating detail.

As for superglue going hard, yes, it’s the nature of the beast. I generally just buy it in a multi-tube blister pack containing the largest number of the smallest tubes I can find. Some tubes have a pin in the lid to keep the nozzle clear. Or after use you can sometimes squeeze the sides of the tube to make it suck the remaining glue out of the nozzle before replacing the lid. Storing them upright also helps. But I’m sure a man of your experience knows all those tips and a good few more!

(For the sake of others reading this post, there’s a summary of different adhesives in the Restart Wiki at )

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