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MacBook 제품군은 2006년 5월에 처음 소개되었으며 Apple의 가정용 노트북 iBook을 대체하였습니다.

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Trackpad suddenly over is sensitive

Tried all the settings in System Preferences and combinations of them to no avail. Single clicks are interpreted as double clicks. Sometimes just touching it causes an action that should require a click. Positioning the cursor almost always selects an entire word (sometimes an entire line) requiring a forward or back arrow to get to where I want to go. Zapped PRAM. Can't find anything obvious in Library. I'd like to think it's the trackpad, itself, but it could be whatever processes the signals to/from the trackpad. Everything else works perfectly (or at least the same as it always has). I added no software immediately before problem started and don't even remember upgrading anything. Still running 10.4.11 as I have one program that will not run on 10.5+.

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This worked perfectly for me. Thank you!

This works on the Bluetooth trackpad of an iMac, too. Thanks!

Great answer this seems to have fixed my issue with this as well.

Worked! Thanks!

Worked first time out.

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Hook up an external keyboard and mouse and see if the problem persists. If all is OK with the external, boot from your system installation disk and see if it persists. If it's gone with the system disk, it's a software problem, if not you will most likely have to replace the top case.

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I don't have a system installation disk. So this won't work for me. The MacBook Pro that I have doesn't have a slot for DVDs. Wish it did.

Phylis This is an answer from 2011 and now almost 6 years old. Sounds like your machine may be newer. I would suggest starting your own question and telling us what your machine is.

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Mid 2011 MacBook Air trackpad issue ultra sensitive fix:

(Assuming you have already checked trackpad tap to click setting=off)

Put the MacBook Air on a hard surface. Press really hard on diagonally opposed corners of the trackpad at the same time (example: press the top right corner with your right index finger at the same time as the bottom left corner with your left index finger) repeat for all four corners. Do multiple times if necessary until the sensitivity issue is resolved. (I had to do it a few times, I pressed too lightly at first)

IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM. This method was recommended to me from an Apple support online chat rep name Jason. I LOVE IT! One caveat - he said I may have to do it again if it starts acting up. Since my MacBook Air is outside of warranty, and the closest Apple store is a couple hours away, this is the perfect fix for me!!!

Thanks to Jason at Apple support. This guy deserves a big pat on the back and a raise!! Copy, repost, and spread the word to others who may be ready to put their MacBook air through a shredder! Pay it forward.

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Thank you! This bothered me for more than a year. I did everything: replaced the battery, the trackpad, changed all software configurations available and this is the only thing that kinda worked.

It's still more sensitive than a normal touchpad should be, but MUCH better.

Incredible! My Mac is back to working perfectly! I had no idea this would have fixed the issue, but when you think about it, our Macs are aluminum bodied, etc and after years of heavy use, I am sure the aluminum bends to whatever we have been dong to them! Thank you so much for sharing this. As a side note, please make sure to avoid lifting your Mac computers from one end, single-handed. That can bend the body too!!! Yikes!

You are a HERO :-D


Holly $#*t, I can't believe it was that easy...this issue has been bugging me for weeks...major frustrations to the point where I was just about to buy a new Macbook Air...not, a small investment by any means..can't thank you enough Deb...THANK YOU!!!!

I think this has worked for me too! Saved me a fortune, thanks :-)

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Just uncheck the "press to click option" in the "One finger" section of the trackpad's system preferences. The oversensitivity is killed definitively (but you will have to click instead of just touching the trackpad)

HEAVY PRESSURE REQUIRED to produce active clicks

It does not come from the battery. It is caused by a failure in Mac OS X 10.6.8 update ( 10.6.7 is much more finder friendly than 10.6.8).

To solve this bug, just trash the trackpad's preference file (.plist) which is located in the Preferences folder of your user's Library and restart the Mac. The problem may come back one day, then, it will just suffice deleting this file again.

As evidenced by the profuse internet calls for help, thousands of people have been seriously bothered by these two problems (especially the second) for many months. Why does'nt Apple address the matter and provide an answer ?

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It bothered me for a few months the pressure on the corners did nothing, but unchecking press to click option in the one finger section of the TP system preferences works immediately 10,000 thanks "my dear dear waren" :-)

Thanks for this tip. I was constantly fighting the trackpad while typing... the cursor would jump to a different position suddenly. I realized it was that setting that was screwing things up after reading your advice. :up:

This issue was bothering me when I was editing photos in photoshop. I would be using my clone stamp tool and then all of a sudden the size of the stamp would change. It was driving me nuts. Then I would be in Lightroom trying to select multiple photos at once and I would slightly hit the mouse pad (unintentionally) off the photos I had highlighted, and the highlight would disappear. Now after unchecking the press the click option I don't have the issue. I knew it wasn't my battery because I just got a new computer a month ago. Thank you for this tip! :-)

BINGO! I just upgraded to High Sierra (10.13.6) on my 13", mid-2012 MBP, but didn't fully realize the problem until I used Lightroom, where the cursor ran amok, causing much mischief which led to tedious repairing. As you recommended, I unchecked "Tap to click ... Tap with one finger" (as it's quoted from my Mac's trackpad adjustments). Then, Warren, an immediate cessation occurred to the problem of the overly sensitive track pad. Case solved. Thank you for posting your solution. But I don't think that updating the OS was the cause of the problem. More likely, it was my clicking greedily on every trackpad option. (As a postscript, I just read the comments by Sandra King, and learned that I experienced the same grief with the same apps.)

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I don't know how I found out but I discovered that early MacBooks such as this one (which was the second edition) suffered from a "bulging battery problem" that Apple considers a safety issue. From a practical standpoint, when the battery bulges, it presses against the bottom of the trackpad and causes problems that can be a button that is difficult to press, an unresponsive trackpad, or as was my case, an over-sensitive trackpad. All you have to do is sight across the bottom of the laptop. If the battery is protruding, Apple may replace it for free (or, at least its worth asking them before trying something more expensive). Anyway, they replaced mine for free. Hope this helps should anyone have a similar problem in the future.

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My wife's Macbook Air was suffering from the overly sensitive trackpad issue. At first the trick of pressing hard on the diagonally opposing corners fixed the issue but eventually it persisted. I sighted along the base of the computer and didn't notice any bulging but decided to try the battery replacement none the less. So far so good. It's only been a couple of days but the issue had previously been a steady annoyance. Really appreciate this site and its forum!

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OMG, this worked for me, too. I am so appreciative. I have a MacBook Pro mid-2015, and InDesign CS6 was completely un-useable on this machine. I assumed it was a software problem, but this fixed it like a charm. I have been looking on Adobe chat boards for months looking for a solution. THANK YOU! I’ll add this to those boards now.

Warmly, Karen G

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Who'd a thunk it? The diagonal "trick" was the fix. Karen gets a gold star!

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The diagonal thing, didn't solve the problem. It might have helped, but that might have just been wishing.

This actually seems to work (12 hours ...)


Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad

Check “Ignore built-in trackpad if external mouse is present”

Play around for a bit with your mouse, say 15 seconds

Come back to the preferences tab and uncheck that box.

Commenters say they used USB mice, I've got a wireless mouse (did it with or without, did it different wireless mice)

I've had this problem since I first received my new MacBook Pro two weeks ago. I'd been searching for overly sensitive track pad. Yesterday I searched for MBP cursor jumping all over the place I found threads leading to this tip. One commenter said he received this fix from the Genius Bar

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Had this problem with my new MacBook Pro (Aug 2018) with external wireless trackpad. FIXED! Thank you!

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It's been three months since my initial post above. None of the listed tips worked.

What has worked is covering the track pad with enough layers of plastic to desensitize the surface, but not so much that the track pad doesn't work.

I used lamination sheets one sheet tucked inside another (so 4 layers) then run through the laminator. Only problem was the surface has too much friction.

At the moment I have a trackpad 'skin' (total waste of money) and a white plastic (pvc?) new car dealer license plate insert. This has a nice slide, but I do get an occasional random cursor jump. The track pad still works fine. Any other 'solution' than covering the track pad did not work, though it might seem so but not for long.

Doing nothing or using one of these other methods: I got a random cursor jump every minute or two. (Apple also replaced the entire machine, though no hardware problems showed up in the tests. Both machines acted exactly the same.)

It made writing nearly impossible. I can take these plastic coverings on and off and duplicate the error or eliminate it.

With the double-laminates the problem was completely eliminated-but the surface was sticky. I've also stacked 4-6 pieces of laserjet paper and even used a Tyvek post office envelop (doubled)

With my current solution, that still occasionally jumps, I could slip a single melted laminate sheet underneath the white pcv and I think it would completely solve the problem. The pvc and the laminate (when I tried that) are held in place with Scotch tape. I made it oversize which also makes the trackpad waterproof. I think it's pretty lame that Apple had no solution or even awareness of this problem. On MacRumors someone suggested keeping an old MacBook Pro that still works. Also the TouchBar is too sensitive, but not random. I've eliminated almost all the buttons and turned of configuration changes with App changes. It may be useful with some specific apps; in general it's a piece of hardware with no killer app. I do like the fingerprint password function. Hope this helps.

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To be clear: MacBook Pro 15" 2017

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OK, I've got a solution to Random-Cursor-Jumping that's inexpensive and seems to work as well as my best solutions to date, but this is low friction. Teflon sheet for heat press transfer. I got 3 sheets 16 x 20 for $6.75 on Amazon. (I tried most of the things above, they didn't work for me.)

One layer over my 2017 MacBook Pro 15" oversized over sensitive track pad. I just typed for an hour and not one random cursor jump! (Most recently I had 1/16th inch teflon, but it wouldn't lay flat and was expensive. I've been working on this for months. Most solutions I've found are are not slick enough for finger gestures, this is. )

It lays flat, attaches with scotch magic tape, thin as a manilla folder. On the less plus side, it's brown, and has a slight texture. So yo! my 2017 MacBook Pro now works better than Tim Cook's.

It's also called "Teflon baking sheet " so maybe there's some in a kitchen near by.....

Hope this helps. (And I apologize in advance if I've just solved a problem that a software patch fixed last week....

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A small Wacom Tablet would nicely solve the touchpad problem. You wouldn't need a fancy one, unless you do photos and such. Delivers maximum control of cursor.

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