Car will not start.

My 99 Pontiac Bonneville will turn over, but not completely start. Car usually runs completely fine, but one day it started, but then stalled. I continued to try starting it and it would successfully start up, but immediately stall. Now it only turns over and will not start up.

Three years ago, i had issues with the mass airflow sensor, which would cause the vehicle to stall, but it never kept it from starting up. I fixed it by pulling MAF sensors out of similar vehicles from a junk yard and the first one successfully fixed the problem. I tried did the same thing this time around and it didn’t fix it.

I used a diagnostic tool and it came up with the code P0108 “Manifold Absolute Pressure/BARO (MAP) Sensor, High Input” I pulled out the MAP sensor (which came out in two pieces) and ordered a new one. I replaced it and it hasn’t fixed anything. Car still has power with a good battery. Im not sure what to do next…

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