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iTunes error 4013/2015. Can I just desolder the NAND chip and solder?

I got a 5S which is likely water damaged. It turns on but in recovery mode and iTunes got the error 4013 which is in connection with the nand chip as I know. I have read many articles about it and can I just desolder it from the motherboard, clean it, reball it and solder it again? Or do I need to reprogram it with other expensive tools?

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Just recalling the nand will not sort the problem. Nand memory chip is currupted. You need to remove the nand clean it reprogram it and solder it back on

but you need to be very careful on desoldering and soldering the nand on 5s.5c etc.

because there is CPU ither side of the nand and the cpu can be overheated very easily.

so you need to be very careful.

if you don’t have nand reprogramer remove it and I ll reprogram it for you.

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Nice answer Mr. Soft however the site owners don't want folks linking/advertising their services directly in answers or comments. It is advised that you put your contact and business offerings in your profile and link people back to it.

The moderators thank you for contributing!

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Thanks Minho for info.

I recently started using it and had no idea about that

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Yeah, no worries. It's always great to have fresh contributors!

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Alright, thank you very much for your help! Unfortunately, from Hungary, the shipping would cost more than a new motherboard here but thank you for your offer!

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You are welcome

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it would need repaired in a programmer, try using 3utool instead of itunes to see if it gives the same issue

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I tried flashing it with 3utool and it stuck at 19% and gave the error -2 as I can remember. Does it need to be repaired in a software like 3uTools or in an external flashing product?

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external like the navipro

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Oh, unfortunately that would cost more then the whole phone. Anyway, thank you for your help! :D

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