My Xiaomi Note 4 can't be turned on

Hello, my name is Ryan and I'm from Indonesia

Just 3 days ago, I dropped my Note 4 on a “watery” surface, it was okay on the first 2 hours after I dropped it, everything was fine, totally. Then suddenly, my Note 4 turned off by itself, I thought “Meh, maybe it's because of the waters got into it" and I decided to let it dry. But after hours and hours, I still can't turn it on.

When I plugged the charger in, my phone is charging, and I can clearly see the battery charging display on the screen (when it's turned off of course), but everytime I try to turn it on by pressing the power button ,it vibrates and shows the “MI" logo like usual, even the “beep” sound when it turned on and ready to operate like nothing happened,

But after it vibrated and showed the logo ,the screen turns pitch black again, yep-it's turned off again. This happens all the time everytime I try to turn it on.

I've been letting it slide for the past 3 days hoping everything will be fine after, but it's still the same.

Please help me, tell me what to do, I have all the important data on my Note 4’s internal storage, so please don't tell me to reset it :(

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