Ram Upgrade for dell 1310

I want to upgrade my ram to 4gb, it has 1 gb installed in it.

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Depending on if you have a modern operating system with support that will go on for a few years and if you’re okay with the cost of RAM exceeding the value of the notebook, it can be done. Consider all of this before you buy anything for a laptop as old as this.

The guide to access the memory can be found here and the memory can be found from Crucial and most online retailers like Amazon. DDR2 isn’t commonplace anymore (usually only sold online with limited retail availability), so your best bet is to buy it online. The 800MHz modules are almost always cheaper, but downclock unless you have a 800MHz FSB processor installed. If your processor or chipset is sensitive to fast memory, you may need 667MHz memory. While it usually works, the 800MHz memory is not guaranteed to work on all 667MHz limited systems. If you’re risk averse, I’d buy 667 and get rid of the compatibility risk entirely. Make sure they’re JEDEC compliant to rig the odds as much as you can and you still want to gamble.

It typically doesn’t matter on late model DDR2 systems (2007-final DDR2 boards/systems) as these can downclock the modules no problem, but there is a subset of systems that just can’t do it and throw a POST error if even one thing is off. I have one of those in desktop form and I don’t think the 800MHz modules would work just based on what I know about how picky it is about single sided 667 modules (despite shipping that way). If the 800MHz RAM was cheaper I’d probably try, but it’s not cheap enough to justify when I can predict memory rejection. You will know if the system rejected them with a POST beep code.

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