Fan and Battery not working, NO liquid spill, MBP was dropped

Friend of mine bought a MBP Early 2015 which had a drop, resulting in a broken display. Exchanged the Display, Display is working but this machine is also showing no battery and the fan is not spinning. If I disconnect the mag safe, machine will go off.

Battery: Coconut shows manufacture date 1979-11-30, age at 14.318 days, so I guess it is done.

Fan: does not start as I turn on the MBP, is this normal for this machine? Even with istat I can not force it to power up which works on my MBP Pro 2018.

What can I do to check the battery further/ what about the fan (control)? Is it normal that the fan is not spinning as the machine powers up?

Hope someone can help with this.



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