The Asus Q551L is a 2 in 1 device released in 2014 by Windows. The screen is 15.6" and the device comes with a 2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

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Is This A Battery Connection Issue?

I recently just upgraded to an SSD and I followed a video that told me to unplug the battery as the first thing to do when starting. I did all of that and got the SSD in, however whenever I went back into the computer it was saying “No battery is detected” I thought maybe I just didn’t put it back on properly so I went back and wiggled it a alittle bit but still the same thing when I opened the computer. I took it off one more time and realized that there were small bits that look like they came off with the battery connector when I took it off the board. Would this cause my computer to not recognize my battery? For whatever reason it works fine while it’s plugged in but it will start to die (but not immediately) if I take it off. I would really appreciate anybodies help in trying to diagnose what I could do about this issue as I am not too tech savy lol. Thanks guys.

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Two pads are ripped off the battery connector and the battery connector needs to be resoldered.

For the two ripped pads jumper wires will need to be put in place to fix connection but where the jumper wire should go to is unknown as it'll need to be checked via board view and schematics found on the internet if possible.

You would need to take the laptop to someone that does board repairs on laptops to fix this.

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Thank you so much! One more question for you: How much would something like that cost me? (I know prices may vary but if you could give a guesstimate)

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Scrape off some PCB mask where the traces are and get a CircuitWriter trace pen, which looks something like this. I would buy it anywhere but Radioshack for obvious reasons, but it’s going to be the same thing no matter where you buy it.

It isn’t quite as percise as a schematic and proper board repair, but it will get you out of trouble if you aren’t able to find a schematic and do the repair that way.

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Is there a video that could help me do this myself? Or should I have someone else do it for me?

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