Samsung Galaxy S8 Active는 모델 번호 SM-G892A (AT&T)와 SM-G892U (T-Mobile 및 Sprint)로 식별되며 2017년 8월에 출시되었습니다. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active는 Samsung Electronics가 제작한 8세대 Samsung Galaxy S 시리즈 입니다.

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Buy and replace charging port on Galaxy s8 active phone

My son used my old charger to plug into my phone and broke off some of the prongs and bent others. Now my charger wont plug into the phone so I’m having to use a wireless charger. Where can I buy the charging port and how do I replace it?

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I’m linking you to a guide for the s8. It’s very similar to the active. I couldn’t find a part to link you here on iFixit, so I’d buy one from another reputable site such as Injured Gadgets, Mobilesentrix or Mobile Defenders.

Samsung Galaxy S8 I/O Daughterboard Replacement

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