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MacBook Pro 2012 Battery life

I’ve a Macbook Pro 2012 that I’ve mostly had sat on my desk plugged into a monitor and keyboard. Even away from the desk it’s pretty rare I’m not plugged into mains power. So, the cycle count is 50 or something close.

I also don’t use the trackpad, I use a mouse. I’ve just noticed that that the built in trackpad isn’t clicking too well. I suspected it was the battery bulging and, sure enough, if I remove the battery the trackpad is fine. This might have been happening for a year or a month, I’ve no way to know.

I’ve little doubt I need a new battery. But I was curious, I’d have described the battery as being in excellent condition given the low cycle count. I’m guessing my experience is pretty standard? That after 7 years it’s just physics and chemistry? And my apparently careful battery use counts for nothing?

Just curious really, I’m about to order a new battery (from iFixit!)

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And my apparently careful battery use counts for nothing?

Well like Apple will say, over time batteries age and their battery life degrades over the years. This occurs even when the battery is rarely used due to aging of the chemicals in the battery cells which lose their efficiency.

Since removing the battery made the trackpad work like normal I would assume the battery must of bulged slightly.

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That’s pretty much my take. I guess I’m mildly pleased that I noticed it, worst case is that it would have sat on my desk for ages getting worse so it either damaged the rest of the MBP or set my house on fire :-)

I’ve got a Mac Mini on the desk now, it makes more sense. I was going to sell the MBP so I’ll need to fix it first.

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Just like your cars battery (Lead - Acid) the chemical reaction process over time looses its ability to work.

A swollen battery tends to be a sign of over charging. Nothing you could have prevented as the SMC logic in your given system may not be calibrated as well as others. Then again, liquid damage can also alter the tuning of the logic (comparator).

So while you do need a new battery you may need to look a bit deeper.

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You’re correct, even with the low cycle count, the battery starting to swell is the indication of it’s on it’s way out. I’ve had OEM batteries fail with less cycles. If it’s not displaying Service Battery or Replace Now, it will soon enough. You could remove it, but you will notice the laptops performance will be impacted (slow and jittery track pad pointer and actions response). Find a new replacement battery soon.

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