High end consumer desktop released by Dell in 2013. Comes in white and Black or Black case options and uses an Ivy Bridge processor.

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How do I get the Win8 BIOS key to work?!

I have been fighting to get Win8.1 to install (properly) on this system and it has NOT worked so far, even with multiple media trials. Sadly, I have no choice as the previous owner wanted to keep the hard drive and they put it in their new system. I did this as follows:

  • Win8.1 multi-language (USB) - FAIL
  • Win8.1 Single Language (USB) - FAIL
  • Dell OEM DVD (Found through dumb luck) - FAIL
  • Old Win8 DVD (Non-OEM Dell) - FAIL
  • Placeholder key and product key finder - FAIL

I have also contacted Dell to get new media (prior to finding it, but I already sent it off) as I put the system in my name and had the previous owner’s data (They were okay with me having it. Don’t worry.) so I was able to transfer the system over to me so I shouldn’t have an issue with this, but the system may come up as including it as it was a refurb.

In addition, I investigated downgrading the BIOS (I have A12 installed; pre patching) and I just can’t do it as it notices I’m doing a downgrade. GRR. Is there ANY way I can test if the key was lost to time (and lost it’s Win8 identity) making this a complete waste of time or is there a way I can force the issue? I’m at a loss as to what to do :(.

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UPDATE: The drive was intact and I was able to get the key. I’m going to see if it made it back into the EFI firmware or I need to archive the rescued key.

Didn’t make it back into EFI (GRR) but I have it at least.

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