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fried audio port (front headphone jack)

Hi I was trying to plug a 3.5mm speaker wire into my 27" dell monitor and found out it was the audio power jack.. wtf?

So I saw a tiny spark and now the front audio jack won't work any longer.

Wondering if anyone knows how I can fix this or did I just fry my logic board. The internal speaker still works but obviously that's pretty useless...

help is appreciated

This is a 2009 Mid quad core 2.66

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You could try a PCI sound card. I have included a link to one but I'm sure you can find one for less money. Good luck.

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for an early 2009 (there are no mid 2009 Mac Pros) you can replace the front panel board. Apple part number 922-8889. Alternatively, please check all connectors on the front panel cable. it's part number is 922-8888 if you find one cable not showing connectivity.

To replace it, first remove the hard drive in bay 1, then your graphics card, the PCIe fan, the processor tray and processor cage. This should give you enough space to replace the front panel board.

If this does not make a difference, then you might have an issue with the logic board.

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Hi PierreJ thank you for the update, I found a service manual and saw the step by step to viewing possible problems... seems like that panel if it is the same board I saw online looks expensive!!!

It's so minor but at the same time annoying! I'll take a look via your instructions and see if I can view a cable but the output was working just prior to my goof!

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Hi update, replaced the front panel board, that was a tough one and the result is no audio from the 3.5mm jack in front... very upset.... Not sure what to do next.

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