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Green dim light after waterdamage

My mom spilled wine over the MacBook and now i‘m Trying to get it working again.

If i put the power in the light in the charger turns green, but very dim. The Fan doesn’t spin at all and there is no other sign of life.

Right now the parts are sitting in a isopropanol bath in the hope that it works after that.

Does anyone know what could be the fault? I would even go as far as to buy a new Mainboard but it would be bad if I buy it and then realize that just the I/O board is broken.

Any hint would help.

thank you,


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Cleaning is certainly something to try, but isopropyl alcohol doesn’t restore faulty components and if you have a dim green light after a liquid spill, hardware damage can be given for granted. First part of the power circuitry in MB Airs is on the I/O board, thus it would be recommendable to replace that and the flat connecting cable to start with, also considering fact they come relatively cheap. It’s hard to give advice with liquid damage as when one starts replacing parts without testing on a dead machine it can end in a endless money’s sufficient a shorted keyboard or trackpad to take down power lines and replacing parts out of guess is an expensive game.

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