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How to stop the beep

Would appreciate any help with this, it’s so annoying even the dog leaves the room! It beeps when it boils, it beeps when you lift it, it beeps and you put it back on the base! I’ve bought a triangular screwdriver but can’t see where to go from here without destroying the base….ARGH!

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Hi @bondi40 ,

According to the user manual it should beep when it has reached the set temperature and has switched off.

This is from the manual:

When the kettle has heated the water to the selected temperature, 3 beeps will sound, the START/CANCEL button surround illumination will switch off, and the selected temperature button surround will remain illuminated for 1 minute before switching off.

As for the other times that you say it beeps, there is no mention.

You may have to contact the manufacturer in your location to find out if this is a fault condition or not.

If it is faulty, according to this webpage, there is a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the kettle.

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