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Hp Split 13-r010dx 13'' laptop tablet released in 2013. The device is identified by model number 13-r010dx located on the bottom of the tablet.

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Can I install a SSD in my hp splitx2

I have an older HP Splitx2 touch laptop and would like to add a SSD to it. Is that possible?

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Thanks MasterBuddy for your response. Being as how I’m no expert on doing this, I will use my Service manual to get it done. Do you have any recommendations for an SSD? Thinking 128GB.

As for the DVD Rom part, don’t have that - not OEM. I have an external DVD/CD reader/burner.

Is it necessary to get a new Hard Drive?

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No - you can just replace your old HDD with brand new SSD.

The process is easy - you should unscrew the bottom plate (it is only for HardDrive, or HardDrive and RAM and WiFi or just one for entire bottom - check repairs on YT or so).

128GB is a bit to small. I've changed my 500GB HDD to 256GB SSD and it barely fits my demands. 250 is minimum for me, but after 2years I see that 500GB would be perfect.

I would suggest you to go into Samsung Evo for example, but any SSD will be a great upgrade for your HP. Just check the write/read speed - HDD is about 20-40 Mb/s and SSD should be over 500Mb/s. Keep in mind to search for SSD which has SATA interface (doesn't matter which SATA version)

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Thank you MakerBuddy for your response. Your recommendation is exactly what I was considering on purchasing. It was rated best of top four. I really appreciate your time and help.

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E500B/AM)

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MakerBuddy. What is your opinion of this SSD?

Samsung - 860 QVO 1TB Internal SATA Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology

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860 QVO 1TB Internal - nice piece of tech; Samsung creates great devices and you could be certain about its spec

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB also great, quite faster, but that 1TB has better technology applied.

At the fact both are great. I personally use budget A-Data drive, but it fits my demands. Go for Samsung - you'll be happy :)

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Yes - go for it! And as soon as it is possible - your laptop will be grateful.

Since SSD discs work on SATA interface you can swap your Hard Drive to a new one (2.5” required). You can also dismount your DVD Rom and buy an pocket for external disc. But it should be picket for your laptop model.

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