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Apple의 MacBook Air 13" 2014년 4월 업데이트에는 참신한 듀얼-코어 i5 및 i7 프로세서와 더불어 배터리 성능을 약간 향상시켰습니다.

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Boot process recovery very very slow and stops

Sorry for my English, come from Germany.

I have a Macbook Air 13" 2014 Board 820-3437-B, no water damage or anything else.

It booted permanently in the loop with the startup sound.

I exchanged the EFI/SMC chip for a reprogrammed one. Now it takes about 1 minute until the start tone comes and after about 1 minute the Apple logo appears with the bar. The bar will load for about 45 minutes until the end and then stops. Nothing happens anymore. I can't go into recovery mode.

Everything is fine on the logic board, no corroded areas or the like.

SMC reset, NVRam reset, I did everything. Apple diagnosis showed no errors.

I also disconnected everything from the logic board and tried to start it blank, so only display. Without keyboard and trackpad.

Can anyone help me?

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Warum haben Sie den EMV-Chip ersetzt? Ich würde das Original wieder einsetzen. Da es klar ist, wurde es nicht richtig programmiert.

Why did you replace the EMC chip? I would put the original back in. As its clear it was not programed correctly.

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It doesn't work with the original chip. The Macbook only starts with a continuous startup sound. The startup sound hangs in a loop.

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An diesem Punkt ist klar, dass Ihre Logikplatine noch ein Problem hat. Jemand mit tieferen Fähigkeiten müsste herausfinden, warum der SMC-Chip ursprünglich durcheinander geraten ist und warum Ihr Ersatz so schlecht funktioniert.

Angesichts des Aufwandes ist es möglicherweise billiger, einfach die Logikplatine zu ersetzen MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.4 GHz Logic Board und wenn bei Ihnen nur ein 4-GB-Board vorhanden ist, ist ein 8-GB-Board ein gutes Upgrade.


At this point its clear your logic board still has an issue. Someone with deeper skills would need to dig into figuring out why the SMC chip got messed up originally and why your replacement is acting so badly.

Given the amount of effort it maybe cheaper to just replace the logic board MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.4 GHz Logic Board and if yours is only a 4 GB board a 8 GB board will be a good upgrade.

MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.4 GHz Logic Board 이미지


MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.4 GHz Logic Board


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It's always so easy to say: Buy a new Logicboard. The thought has already come to my mind, but of course I don't want to spend so much money.

I hoped to get a tip here in the forum. Maybe someone had already made experience with it and can give me a hint where the mistake lies.

I have already repaired many boards and also exchanged various chips, but I did not have this phenomenon yet.

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@toptac If you have previously repaired boards you must be aware of the level of difficulty in answering your question without having the board at hand. There are tens of different things in play during the boot sequence and pointing one or the other would be pure guess without knowing what's good to start with. BTW, if with the original chip you have a looping single tone instead of the usual chime it seems there's a RAM issue rather than a a bios problem.

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I'm aware it can have many causes. I only thought of a first beginning that I can look for. It's also not a RAM problem, so the usual sound with RAM errors. It's the official GONG, so the usual startup sound, which is repeated permanently in loop

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