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모델 A1278, 2012년 6월 출시. Turbo Boost가있는 Intel 프로세서, 최대 512 MB DDR5 비디오 RAM

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Using a 2010 MacBook Pro for parts?

Hello. I have a mid-2012 MacBook Pro. This Mac has many problems. The keyboard and track pad are barely responding, the hdd flex cable tore, the screen is cracked and the FaceTime camera flex cable is broken? Can I purchase a broken 2010 MacBook Pro and pull the parts from it to fix my mid-2012?

1) Trackpad

2) Keyboard

3) HDD Flex cable and bracket

4) FaceTime Camera Flex cable

5) The glass over the LCD. LCD is fine!

let me know!!

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You would be able to use if for:

  • screen glass (if it doesn’t break upon removal attempt)
  • keyboard
  • trackpad
  • other parts you need are not cross compatible unfortunately. You could pull them from a early 2011 (i5 or i7 but not from any other older Mac)

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So a 2010 MacBook Pros HDD flex cable is a no go?

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The cable itself would work but it's not recommendable, especially if you're planning to use an SSD one day or another. It's usually recommended the opposite instead to avoid bottlenecks.

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So do you think it would be more difficult to replace the keyboard and trackpad individually or doing the entire top case?

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One way or the other you'll have to remove the logic board to get them replaced. Once the board is off, replacing the trackpad is quite easy and fast. The keyboard is not really difficult, you'll have to remove superdrive (3 screws only) and to use some modest heat to soften the adhesive keeping the backlight sheets in place. When that's done the keyboard gets accessible, you have lots (80/90) of tiny screws that take some time but it's a pretty straightforward job, it just needs patience and a decent PH000 screwdriver that's needed for the trackpad too.

I believe you may find a videoguide on youtube for help if needed.

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