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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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Zif HDD connector type

Hi All!

The HDD Zif connector in my iPod has cracked and failed. Does anybody know what type of connector it is? It looks to have 40 pins but I don’t know what its called or who makes it so I am struggling to order a replacement. I have removed the old connector and all of the pins are good under it.


Below is an image of the iPod’s LCD connector. This is identical to the HDD connector which is missing from my board:

Block Image



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Here’s the part:

Apple part # 632-0259-A

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Hi mayer,

Thank you for your reply!

I should have made my question a little clearer, it’s not actually the HDD ribbon that has failed, but the Zif connector on the iPods logic board.

do you know where I might be able to get a replacement from?

I’d rather not replace the logic board as it’s a U2 special edition that I have.

Thank you,


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