Dim green light on MagSafe - PP3V42_G3H Present

Hi all, i’ve recently acquired a late 2011 13’ Macbook Pro with a power and charging issue. The Macbook is not turning on at all. The MagSafe adapter when plugged in shows a very dim green light. I have already installed a fresh know-good battery. Ive slowly been learning board repair from Louis’s videos on YouTube and need some further help troubleshooting this issue. I have a basic background in electronics and am not afraid to learn how to rework.

Ive noticed that R7002 and R7013 are missing from the board but there is no sign of any solder so they may have not been there to begin with?

As far as reading ive done on the board so far:

With only MagSafe plugged in :

PP3V42_G3H : 3.48V

PPBUS_G3H : 0.81V

PPBUS_G3H in diode mode (red on ground) : 0.464V



R7021 & R7022 : 10 ohm

With only Battery plugged in :

PPBUS_G3H changes to 11.35V and all other values remain around similar readings.

I am prepared to need to do a U7000 swap if that is the issue unless somebody else can lead me to another conclusion.

Thank you!

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