Where can I find ue boombox 2 mainboard for reparation?

I have UE boom speaker, blue color, have it for around 2.5 years now. My speaker went into the swimming pool 3 months ago and nothing happened at the beginning. But when I tried to dry it by shaking it once in the air it shut off directly and could not be charged. I tried to dry it inside the rice but didn't work. I don't understand why. It is supposed to be waterproof. I had difficult times to find somebody who can repair it here in Jakarta since the product itself is quite rare in here. went to 3 places and it is still unfixed which brought me a reason to find a reparation center in Singapore and KL but still find no one who can repair. The service center in Jakarta told me the problem is the mainboard and that I need to change it. Can you help me where can I find the mainboard to fix the speaker? Thank you

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