Keyboard making scratching sound when scrolling on a full charge.

Recently my base model Surface Book 1’s original charger died so I replaced it with the SB 2's charger. Now whenever my laptop gets to 100% charge and I scroll using the track pad, the touch screen, or an external mouse (sometimes even without scrolling and just letting the computer idle) there's a scratching noise that sounds like it's coming from the charging port area of the keyboard. This didn't happen with my original charger, it doesn't happen when the charger isn't plugged in, and it doesn't happen when the battery isn't at 100%. I thought it might be a defective charger so I returned it and bought a second one but the same issue persists. Even if this can't be fixed, can someone please explain why this is happening? I have an audio recording of the noise here:!Al_ZukYl7XyysA86H6KV...

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